WiFiKill Android App | Disable Internet Of Any Other Device

WiFikill is an awesome android app which let you to disable the internet connection of any device connected to the same wifi connection as of your device. So if anyone is using your internet connection mindlessly you could disable internet connection of that particular device, you can trick you friends too.This app generally works on rooted android device . WifiKill App is not available on Google play store.

WifiKill Android App

* First Of Download WifiKill Downloader apk from here (CLICK HERE ).
* Click on ” Download and install free version”.
* Now open the main WifiKill android app.

* Click on the play button present on the top of the screen.

* Wait a while the app will locate all the devices connected    to network.
* Click on any of the device which you want to disable the      internet connection,after that just click on grab now you      have controlled that device, to kill his/her WiFi                      connection just click kill and done.

* To kill/Disable all devices just click on grab after that          click on grab.

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