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Top 5 WIFI Data Sharing Apps for Android

Android is awesome mobile operating system (OS) based on Linux Kernel and developed by Google. Now a days most of the users have android phone and also users always searching for the new and faster way of sharing the files such as music, party videos etc. from their android phone with his friends.
So in this article i have shared top 5 powerful and awesome android apps which let you to transfer files from one android phone to another at faster, better and rocking speed.
Top 5 Hi-Speed Data Sharing Android Apps

Top 5 Super Fast Data Sharing Apps for Android

1. Flash Transfer:

Share Files Using Flash Transfer
Flash Transfer is really an powerful app for all Android OS based smartphones and other devices. It is first introduced byMicromaxFlash Transfer is also know as Swipe and Share. You don’t need to switch ON or OFF Bluetooth, Flash Transfer is working by connecting both the android device over a WiFi network. With Flash Transfer not only you can send songs, videos or any document but also you can send application or games already installed in the sender’s device.

  • To use this apps you need to install it on both the android mobiles (sender’s and receiver’s mobile too). Flash Transfer is not available on Google Play Store, Now it is know as Xender so you need to download from other source or search on Google.
  • After installing Flash Transfer, Open it and click on Connect with friends in both mobiles which located on top middle in home screen of Flash Transfer.
  • Now in sender’s phone click on “Create a group” and also in receiver’s phone click on second option which is “Scan to join“.
  • Sender’s phone will create a connection and receiver have to join their connection. Once the successful connection is establishedshare whatever you want between that android phones.

2. SuperBeam:

Transfer Files Using SuperBeam
SuperBeam is another super android apps which let you share large files between android phones at faster speed. Just like Flash Transfer, you need to install SuperBeam in both the devices. After that you’ll need to pair android devices by any method which includes QR Codes, NFC or manual sharing key. Sharing Process is very easy, pick the files you wanna share and send it to paired devices.

There are many advantages/features of using SuperBeam such as-
  • SuperBeam is very Easy to Use.
  • Faster data transmission speed as compared to Bluetooth.
  • Share unlimited number of files such as – photo, video, music, zip files, APK files etc. with other Android devices.
  • SuperBeam supports or available for Android 2.3.3 or later.
Download From Google Playstore.

3. SHAREit:

Share Files using SHAREit
Lenovo SHAREit(also called SHAREit) is really one of the best apps for Android, iOS and Windows which helps in transferring/sharing photo, music, app, games and other content with other devices at very high speed.  Some features of SHAREit is given below.
  • About 60 times Faster and Safer then Bluetooth.
  • Send everythings with other devices such as – photo, files and more other content
  • SHAREit is available for AndroidiOS and Windows too.
  • Share large files in seconds because of its High data transferring speed feature.
  • Find your friend’s device in range and start sharing.
  • Supports group sharing, that means you can share files upto 5 devices simultaneously. 
Download From Google Playstore.

4. Xender:

Share Files Using Flash Share

Xender Flash Share supports all file types, including contacts, music, pictures, videos, apps and gemes.  Xender. Many users thinks Xender and Flash Transfer are different apps but not. In reality these are same app, Xender, earlier know as Flash Transfer has good position in Wireless files sharing between android devices. It allows you to send and receive files upto 5 devices at the same time without re-establishing connection. Xender also available for iOS as well as Android.Download From Google Playstore.

5. C-Share:

Share Data Using CShare
Best features of C-Share:
  • C-Share uses the latest technology to boost data transfer speed upto 50 times faster than Bluetooth
  • It can transfer data at very high speed and securely
  • It support multi file format like- application, games, music, picture, videos, contacts, and other types of resource transfers.
  • C-Share can share data between android devices where the transmission distance can reach up to 60 meters.
Download From Google Playstore.

There are many apps available on the internet, from which i have shared top 5 apps, all are WiFi based apps which lets you share files with other android devices at very high speed. In other word, It is alternative way of transferring data. These are is too easy and much faster as compared to Bluetooth. In reality these apps eliminate the need of Data Cables. So, why not to use these apps for sharing data with your friends instead of using old technique like Bluetooth. ok, Stay tuned.

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