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Whatsapp Update: List of Phones that will not Support Whatsapp in 2017

Hello Guys!!! As we are going to say goodbye to 2016 at the same time you may also say goodbye to your whatsapp also. Got shocked??? Check Your Mobile and Version in the Below list to avoid that of say goodbye to whatsapp.


Whatsapp is the famous messaging app Working in Android, Iphone, Blackberry, and most of smart phones. They decided to stop working on some smartphones from january 1, 2017.

Note: Some Mobiles can use whatsapp with the Updated OS version.

If your phone is out dated or if it wont support whatsapp features they will stop the services for your phone. So, try to upgrade to new OS version of your phone. The mainly reason to stop this service in most of mobiles is they are going to add new features. They also introduced video calling and voice calling is not supported in some mobiles. So you need a new smartphone with updated version or need to update your existing mobile phone’s OS.

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Mobile Phones and Its Version Won’t Support Whatsapp:


Iphones that having the iOS6 and lower version that wont support whatsapp from Jan 1, 2017. Even iPhone 4, 4s and 5 which don’t have the version of iOS10 will also wont get support Whatsapp feature.

2.Android Smartphones:

Everyone having smartphone nowadays. Even they need it to their daily life too. Most of the Whatsapp users using whatsapp in Android mobile. But if your phone Android version is lower than 2.1 Eclairs or 2.2 Froyo, then you wont get Whatsapp Service. But they didnt said anything about the IceCream Sandwich or Android Jelly

3.Windows SmarthPhones:

Version 7 or Under Version 7 in Windows Smartphone’s also wont get the that feature from the Jan 1, 2017. But you can update to your latest Version of your Windows mobile to get support from Whatsapp.

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 4.Other Mobiles:

And Finally a existing mobile phone users. There is good news for you. Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, Nokia S40 Mobiles, Nokia Symbian Mobile, phone users can use till June 30, 2017 with the extension for your phone. They will release that extension as soon before Dec 31, 2016.


So, Dont get worry about that. Everyone need smartphones in their daily routine life in today world. If your mobile wont support whatsapp just Update your System Version to the latest. But, My opinion is to buy a new smartphone with Latest Features. Thats all! Thanks for Reading this…….


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