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WhatsApp group chat invite limit increased from 50 to 100

Whatsapp Group

 It’s good news for WhatsApp users. Its actually a gift from WhatsApp to its users. If you are the person who likes to be the Admin or a part of the group in WhatsApp messenger, you can add not 50 but 100 members to the group now.A limit of 50 invites is just something that doesn’t match up to the mark. Therefore, WhatsApp which has been focusing on the market for some time now, has increased group chat invite limit from 50 to 100.WhatsApp had previously increased this limit from 15 to 50 and yet again, it has bowed down to consumers and increased  the limit again.

How to create a group :

Its quite easy to create a group on WhatsApp. Go to setting and select ‘ New group’ option. When you create a group, you are the Admin of that group. Only the Admin can add people to or remove people from the group.
If the Admin leaves the group, then group’s random member automatically becomes the admin.

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