WhatsApp enables two-step verification for all users


Whatsapp’s rolling out two-step verification for all of its over one billion users around the world, making messaging through the app a lot more secure.

To turn on the six-digit passcode, just navigate to Settings > Account > Two-step verification within Whatsapp and hit ‘Enable’. Enter a six-digit numerical passcode to protect your Whatsapp conversations. Read more about it here.

Curiously, Whatsapp’s two-step verification (or two-factor authentication) measure doesn’t work in the same way Facebook or Google implements it. Unlike Facebook and Google, which generates a unique passcode every time you have to log in, Whatsapp’s six-digit passcode needs to be remembered by the user just like any conventional password.

So is Whatsapp’s two-step verification is just like password-protecting your Whatsapp conversations? Yup, that’s pretty much it. Also the passcode protects your Whatsapp account whenever you switch phones and try to sign in with the same SIM and phone number, preventing unauthorized access.

What happens if you forget your Whatsapp two-step verification passcode? Don’t worry, you can set a backup email for this scenario, allowing you to disable two-factor authentication if ever you forget your Whatsapp passcode. You can also disable the passcode from within Whatsapp, just follow the same steps you did above to enable the feature in the first place.

Just so that you don’t forget the passcode, Whatsapp will periodically, randomly ask you to enter the passcode whenever you try to launch Whatsapp on your phone or on the PC.