WHAFF Rewards: Get 0.50$ Signup Bonus and 0.30$ Per Refer

WHAFF Rewards: Get 0.50$ Signup Bonus and 0.30$ Per Refer

WHAFF Rewards: Earn Real Money Easily This Android App

WHAFF-Rewards App


Do you want to make real money for downloading apps constantly? Here is an Android app WHAFF Rewards that can reward you with real money or Amazon gift cards for downloading apps, inviting friends, liking status, commenting on Facebook status etc. So, get started with this app and get rewarded daily. Many people are using it successfully and earning daily. Let us quickly go through some important points about WHAFF Rewards.

  • Get rewards for downloading apps
  • Get rewards for using the apps
  • Get rewards for maintaining the apps
  • You can also earn money by referring your friends (Both will get $0.30 per refer)
  • Get Cash via Paypal or Gift Cards (Amazon Gift Card, facebook Gift Card, PlayStation Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card and Steam Gift Card).

How To Earn Money Using  WHAFF Rewards app:

  • Download WHAFF Rewards app from Google Play Store
  • After download and install the app, Log-in there using the ID and Password of your facebook account (if you already log-in facebook in your device it will log-in automatically)whaff login
  • After complete WHAFF log-in process, you will be prompted to enter the INVITE CODE, you can use this code AV53596. By using this code you will receive WHAFF welcome bonus of $ 0.50 automatically.
  • If you do not enter or use the INVITE CODE, you will not receive WHAFF welcome bonus of $ 0.50, so your balance remains $ 0.00 (zero)
  • So we advise you to insert code AV53596 to get welcome bonus of $ 0.50
  • After gating welcome bonus of $ 0.30, its time to earn more money by downloading the application.


How to Claim your Money?

So, after having earned some money you can claim it. Firstly, you need to have a Paypal account so, if you don’t have one register it now. The minimum payout via Paypal is $5. The trasfer of funds get completed in 3 working days. You can also opt for Amazon gift cards instead of Paypal payout.


Unlimited WHAFF Rewards Trick

This gonna be pretty easy you just need handful of facebook account.

  1. Install Youwave from here.
  2. Download Whaff rewards app from attachment
  3. Copy it to desktop and open youwave.
  4. Click on File>Path to Apps then goto desktop and select the Whaff app. Now it will get installed.
  5. Restart youwave then open Whaff App and sign up with new facebook id and enter your referral code
  6. Now navigate through file>android factory reset and format your youwave data. Install Whaff again from desktop and follow the procedure again and again to earn unlimited.

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