Virus That Can Crash Or Jamm System


How To Create A Virus That Can Crash Or Jamm System


 Hello Readers Today I  Am Gonna Show You How To Create Virus That Can Crash Or Jamm Your System And The Wonderful Thing Of This Trick Is That For Creating A Virus We Only Need To Type 5  Characters  That,s Why I Named It As 5 Word Virus Yes Its Simply Amazing Only 5 Letter  Virus Its Not A Word Its Are 5 Letters Saying 5 Letter Virus Doesn’t Sound Good So I Change Its Name To 5 Word Virus Let Us Begin .

Requirements To Use This Network :

  1.  Notepad Or Any Text Editor
  2.  PC/Laptop
  3.  Mind (Most Important )

Steps To Use This Trick :

  1. Open Notepad
  2. And Type The Code In Between Quotes “0%|0%
  3. Click On Save As
  4. A Save as Dialog Box Appear Change Save As File Type To All Files (Most Important)
  5. And Name It As Anything.bat (At The Place Of Anything You Can Write What You Want )
  6. Done Enjoy !! 

For Video Tutorial You Can Watch The Video Given Below 


Warning : “Don,t Test It On Your Computer It Can Crash You System OrJamm Your System Test On Others Computer “

Note : “I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Cause To Your Computer/Laptop You Are Responsible For Your Own Work”

Note 2 :“Writing .bat is very Important While Saving The File”