Use Unlimited Flipkart Gift Vouchers Per Order


Use Unlimited Flipkart Gift Vouchers Per Order

FlipKart don’t allow you to use more than 15 E-Gift vouchers which is actually too much, but what happens when you get EGVs worth Rs. 25? :p Feeling poor? If you have not wasted your EGVs worth thousands buying small things.So here is a simple but mind blowing trick to use All Gift cards in Single order from Flipkart.


So here is the exclusive trick only for DwTricks visitors through which you can use all your Gift Vouchers in single purchase.

Note:-This trick will work only for W.S retailer Products.

How to Use all Flipkart Gift Vouchers Per Order

  1. Open Flipkart and purchase any product from  WS Retail only.Capture14
  2. Now make a payment using your Gift vouchers.
  3. After successful payment, cancel that order which you placed on step
  4. Once you cancel, you will see two options : 1) Return to Flipkart
    Wallet . 2) Refund back to original payment modes.
  5. Select ” Refund to Flipkart Wallet ” option and click on Confirm
  6. Now open your Flipkart Wallet and you will see all your Flipkart Vouchers are converted into Wallet Cash which can be used for any WS Retail product.
  7. Now you can order product worth Rs more than 375 Rs easily, don’t cancel products too fast, because Flipkart will cancel your Account if you do again & again above steps, so be carefully, & Order only 1 time/ Day so they will not notice you.

Note : Flipkart Wallet Can only be used to purchase physical goods. Can be used to purchase from WS Retail seller only.

I hope you got the concept of flipping FlipKart vouchers to FlipKart wallet, but still because it’s a little bit complex, having doubts is normal.

Note – This trick is for Educational Purpose Only ! i am not responsible if anything Happens wrong with you !

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