How To Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on an Android Device

 How To Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on an Android Device


Protecting our Android phone with an unlock pattern or password is a convenient way to prevent others from accessing our information and personal data. The problem with this is that if you ever forget these lock options, we will not be able to access and use the phone normally. Therefore, today I want to share a quick way to unlock Android without the unlock pattern or password using the computer And Android Phone.

Today many android phone user use the inbuilt unlock pattern to give security to their phones. This is very easy to use but some times after many wrong attempts it locked permanently after that you need to enter the user id you enter in the google play store to unlock phone but there is some problem to unlock again if u stop data usage in your device so it can’t be connected with internet and then you cannot unlock phone without this trick. I’ve Given Below Almost All Method To Unlock.

Use your Google account for unlocking


  • When you try different patterns and unable to unlock your phone in five attempts. Then a message pop-up and shows two buttons “next” and “try again”.
  • Now click on “next” button and you see two options for unlocking phone. One is answer the security question and the second option is to provide Google account details.
  • Mostly people don’t set a security question. But if you set it then simply answer the question and unlock your device quickly. Otherwise check the Google account option and click “next”.
  • Now provide your Google account username and password attached with your device and click on “sign in”.
  • After that you are directed to choose new pattern and now you can unlock with this pattern.

Use Full Factory Reset on Android

  • With your phone turned off, press the volume key (-) and the power key (Power) at the same time for a period of between 10-15 seconds.
  • Then you will see on-screen menu of options; use the volume keys to scroll and select ” wipe data / factory reset “. Hard-Reset-Android-
  • Then Press the power key (Power) to confirm and then on the next screen select ” Yes – delete all user data “and confirm again with the power key.Hard-Reset-Android-delete
  • When the process is complete select “ Reboot system now “to reboot the device and thus already have your Android phone unlocked or rather as fresh from the factory.
  • Optionally you can try pressing both volume keys simultaneously and the power button for 15-20 seconds or until the options menu appears and also select Factory Reset option.


Unlock With Recovery (Cwm, Twrp, Xrec,Etc…) Installed:

recovery unlock

  1. Download this zip Pattern Password Disable  on to your sdcard (using your PC, as you can’t get into your phone, right ),
  2. Insert the sdcard into your phone,
  3.  Reboot into recovery mode by press the volume key (-) and the power key (Power) at the same time for a period of between 10-15 seconds,
  4.  Flash the zip,
  5.  Reboot,
  6.  Done!


Personally I’ve tried several times without method to unlock Android unlock pattern by Above Methods and it has worked every time, even also works perfectly with blocking password.
Also mention that you can unlock your phone using Google Account associated with the device from the option Forgotten pattern, that appears when there have been several failed attempts. The problem with this is that many users never use that account and therefore are unlikely to remember the password.


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