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Trivia Dice – Get Rs 5 Free Paytm Cash on Completing Simple Task (Proof)

Trivia Dice is all about filled bundle of quiz games for all styles of game lovers for every – Hour, week and month.

As an promotional offer Trivia Dice offering Rs.5 free paytm cash on registering to Trivia Dice and completing simple task. There are 6 steps in just one task which you have to complete to get Rs.5 paytm cash for free. I have verified this Trivia Dice offer and i got Rs.5 paytm cash in 24 hr of Registration.

Offer crediit goes to our Site Follower Murali Yadav.

How to Get Rs 5 Free Paytm Cash from Trivia Dice:-

1) Firstly, Visit Triviadice Webite Here

2) Click on Sign up and sign up for New account by entering your Details.

3) Now Check your mail and verify your Mobile.

4) Now You Will See Some Task, Complete All the Task.

  • 1st Task – Your first task will be done when your verify your email.
  • 2nd Task – Verify your Mobile number.
  • 3rd Task – Now Goto Your Email & Check Spam Folder, You will see Email by Triviadice “Reply and win 100 TD Coins”, Simply reply to that Email With “Hello’ Message. (verification will take time of 1-2 hour)
  • 4th Task – Click On It & You Will Have to Answer One Question (Winning or Lost doesn’t matter).
  • 5th Task – Play Daily Dice challenge ( winning or lost doesn’t matter)
  • 6th Task – Play Category challenge (Click on banner to play). Winning or lost doesn’t matter.trivia offer tasks

5) After Completing these simple Tasks, now Go to Points and Redeem 500 points for Rs 5 Paytm Cash.

6) You will Get the Rs 5 Paytm Instant Without Confirmation Sms.

For unlimited time: Use browser inbuilt Incognito Browser to loot unlimited Paytm cash.

Proof:Trivia Dice

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1 thought on “Trivia Dice – Get Rs 5 Free Paytm Cash on Completing Simple Task (Proof)”

  1. Hi,

    Thank You.I got PAYTM Cash From TriviaDice.

    You can earn more TD Coins from page.

    They Provided 5 Email Trivia Blocks Through that we earn More than 300 coins per day. we can play Every Hour.

    In Email Trivia they send some GK questions to our Email. we have to reply those questions and wrong answers also they will provide TD Coins.

    And We can earn More TD Coins through another blocks also.

    Thank u.

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