Top Android App That Pay You Real Cash and Money


You pay for some app’s in the app store or you buy in-app purchases. But did you know you could earn cash by using apps for things like watching tv, exercising, downloading apps or as simple as taking photos.

Amazed? I am really going to share such apps which will help you to make money using your Android apps and such apps do exist. As you all know that I always share something unique with you guys in order to serve in different and better ways.

Android Apps That Pays You Money:

WHAFF Rewards

Do you want to discover new apps and get rewarded with cash or Amazon Gift Card? WHAFF will let you browse Sponsored Apps Hand Picked by WHAFF and reward you whenever downloading apps.
Simply You Have To follow Below Steps
1. Login to WHAFF with your Facebook account.
2. Browse new apps and download them if you want to.
3. Get Cash via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card when you earn more than 10 dollars.
You can download the Android Version here.


Google opinion

Google owns the Android operating system, comes an amazing app called Google Opinion Rewards(Android)
The app gives you Google Play reward points but not cash, which you can redeem only on Google services like downloading Android Apps, Music, Movies, Books, etc. from the Play store.
Once you install and sign up, Google gives you few 20-30 surveys every week to complete. You need to give your opinions and reviews about the products, which in turn will be given to the companies for insights. Credits vary from few 0.1 cents to 2 dollars. But the main point to note is this app is manufactured by Google which you you can trust.
You can download the Android Version here.


Get healthy And make Money

Have You Ever wondered how you could get healthy as well as get paid for being healthy?. Well, this app called Pact. Available for both Android and iOS, the app works if you set your goals based on your capacity and you achieve them, But if you miss out on the goals, you will need to pay out to other users who are achieving their goals. Sounds Fair??..Well if you consider yourself lazy, you might want to stay away from this ;).
You can download the Android Version here.


ESPN Streak for the Cash

Like the one above, this app is a lottery. Available on both Android and iOS. Here when you win, you win BIG. Every week you need to predict the winner of a sports competition, and the person with correct predictions wins a grand prize.
So if you think you have the skills what it takes to predict the outcome of the match. Don’t let your knowledge go to waste. Compete in the streak prediction to win over $1.2 million in yearly prizes.
You can download the Android Version Here.


Watching TV or listening to music

If you don’t have the ability to predict or matches, but can you watch them?.  Then Download This Viggle app.  This app lets you gain reward points instantly for just watching TV shows or listening to music albums. Available for both Android and iOS, you just have to simply need to open this app and use it to recognize any of your favorite music or TV show. You will get the reward points instantly.
Also, there is a feature called Viggle Live, where you can earn points by answering questions or polls while the show is currently live. You can later redeem these points for gift cards but on limited number of outlets.
You can download this app from  here.


Taking Photos

Got a Smartphone?. Great. That’s all you need for this to fetch you some money. Scoopshot will pay for people taking photos at any event happening in that area. These photos in turn will be used by media journalists and websites ranging from small to large scale media.
You may never know when something just happens in front of you, or you are going to a major event. You can download the Android Version here.



So friends this was apps which you may use to make money from your Android Phone. If you have any kind of questions then lend them in the comment box. I shall get back to your queries soon.

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