Top 7 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

The Lock Screen is one of the most frequently used features of Android. Smartphone users always look at their devices to unlock the screen and then try to use it. Android comes with a conventional lock screen feature but does not feature much of other functions or application to use along with unlocking the phone screen.

Many applications have been built to give your screen unlock, a new feature and functionality. Some of these applications focus on design and visuals, while the other application focus on functionality. People may try to choose any best android lock screen app due to its functions or design, so we have put forward range of best android lock screen apps which helps you to provide the feature and looks, you may choose any app depending on your requirement.

1- Alarm Anti-Theft Screen lock

It is one of the best android lock screen app available. When enabled, it will put an alarm on your smartphone. Those who fail to unlock the device will be met with a loud sound to let everyone around know that a false attempt has been made to unlock the device. In terms of design it has some modern look and also utility in terms of security. It comes free to download but also has few features which could be paid.

2- C-Locker

This application comes with some of the most unusual unlocking styles. There is classical slide to unlock feature or swipe feature. It also has bubble unlock feature which pops the bubbles on the screen while unlocking it. You can also change the wallpaper of the screen. It is available to download for free of cost without any in app purchase. It is one of the simple looking apps with some good lock screen features to use it.

3- Cover Locker Screen (Beta)

Cover lock screen tries to guess what you need every time you open the device. It uses the data like GPS location or work along the day to understand which applications you need while turning on the device. It also has some fun feature like unique app switching feature which enables you to open apps from the lock screen with some smart settings for time and location. It is available for download for free of cost.

4- Dashclock widget

This application solves the purpose of a screen widget and lock screen. You can use it as a widget for home screen to view all the important applications or notifications. It is free for download and also comes with a lock screen feature.

5- DIT locker

The application comes with a fun option which allows the smartphone user to design own lock screen. You can put your customized images with different color and sizes while creating your own pattern design. This app has good reviews and available for download free of cost.

6- Go Locker

Go Locker is considered to be the most popular lock screen app which has millions of downloads. It is available in both free and paid version with some difference in features. It enables the user to use number of themes, shortcuts to lock screen and ability to read messages from lock screen.

7- Locker Master

It is one of the most stylish looking screen applications which comes with interactive live wallpapers and themes to put around more creative and customized environment on your lock screen. You can also put plenty of stuff on home screen. It also shows you animated weather notifications, display notifications and also has a built in flashlight. It is available for download for free of cost.