Top free apps for downloading free music on Android

Most of us love listening to music, singing along with it and dancing to the beat. And now technology makes it more fun and accessible as smartphones replace mp3 Player or any portable music devices.At the time of writing it appears to have been given the boot from Google Play, although the apk files may be available elsewhere. As with any sideloading, be careful what you install from third party app stores.



Top Free Android Apps to Download Free Music – mp3 downloader

Back in times we used to download music on the computer then transfer them to the phone. But now we can download songs from the internet directly to the phone and to make this task easier there are apps allowing search for songs and download them.


4shared Music

4shared Music has an enormous library of free music: at the time of writing there were some 5,965,819 tracks. The app enables you to search the vast 4shared database of files for your favorite music, and automatically filters searches so that they only display MP3 files. Music you download automatically gets added to a 15 GB 4shared cloud folder, which is also available to listen to offline, and you can add your own tunes to that folder too.

This is a fantastic app for finding classic, out-of-copyright music as well as relatively unknown tunes from emerging artists. The interface has an old-school look that will appeal to fans of KitKat and older Android versions.free music



RockMyRun lets you download music for offline playback, or cache it, which is just as good (and less likely to exist in a gray area of the law). RockMyRun delivers awesome DJ mixed playlists for the perfect workout soundtrack.

You can match your BPM to your heart rate, filter the playlist length to perfectly match your workout, or make use of the myBeat feature to automatically change the tunes to suit your current state. What’s better than custom built DJ mixes for your workout style?free music


Google Play Music

This is another one of the top apps for downloading music that you can find in the Play Store. Google Play Music is known as Google’s marketplace for music on Android, but it also regularly offers free songs and albums to download. Google Play Music is also a music player in its own right (it even graced our best Android music players list). It’s a fantastic app and is well worth checking out.androidpit-google-play-music-free-music-w628


Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager lets you download three files simultaneously, including MP3s and MP4s. It includes a number of different settings so you can customize how the files are actually downloaded, including limiting the maximum speed of the download (so you don’t use up too much of your bandwidth), and the number of simultaneous downloads you can have. Advanced Download Manager also provides incredibly fast download speeds.

The in-app browser doesn’t make searching for free tracks as simple as it could be, but once you find what you’re looking for, it makes light work of downloading tracks. advanced-download-manager-for-android-w628



Fancy some Arabic music? The excellent Anghami is targeted to users in the Middle East, where it serves as a similar service to Google Play Music, but for those of us who don’t live in the area it’s an excellent source of free Arabic songs. The free service isn’t unlimited and will play the odd ad, but that’s worth putting up with in order to discover some genuinely new music.anghami-w782


Now a days there is a lot of websites which offers download free and legal music, audio from them. But we need free music apps for android. MP3 Music Download is an application which will allow you to download hundreds of thousands free and legal songs from these sites. You can even read the lyric while listening!

All 5 Android music download Apps above are Free. Hope you will enjoy downloading Mp3s. To Download them head to Android Market link added in each app.

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