How to save money shopping Online in India


Do you shop online? Why?

It is expected to have 100 million online consumers in India in 2017. It was around 75 million in 2013.  And that shows the increase in online shopping, right?

Why do people prefer shopping online, when everything they buy online is available in stores near them?

It’s because of the convenience of shopping from anywhere using a computer or a smartphone and yes, the discounts that are offered on online shopping sites can never be expected in offline stores.

Shopping online can save you a lot if you can spend some time reading this post.

There are many popular companies having e-commerce stores. Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are some of the leading companies among them. And they do offer special discount sales and discount coupons for the products.

Are you utilizing those offers or just leaving it behind losing money?

We have some found some of the best tips to save money shopping online in India. You can save a lot of money using this shopping tips.

1. Wait! (if you can)

Wait, not just for the offers. Wait, before you buy a product.

Don’t be another impulsive buyer. There can be many alternatives for a product which are cheap and of high quality. So, wait, before you buy anything.

I was an impulsive buyer. I have bought many kinds of stuff online just because it had some offers. Also, I missed many discounts due to this impulsive nature. I am glad that I am no longer an impulsive buyer.

Are you an impulsive buyer?

You may find many attractive or eye-catching offers on e-commerce sites every day. Think before you buy anything.

Just ask yourself,

  • Do you really need that product?
  • Is there any better offer for that specific product?

Even if the product is what you need, then I read the next tip.

2. Compare the Price

There are many e-commerce sites on the internet and it’s easy to compare the price of the product anytime, right?

Do you compare the price before you buy anything? If not,  you are making a big mistake.

The price may vary from seller to seller or site to site.

You can save a lot of money if you compare the price of the product before you buy it online. You should compare the price in two ways.

  • Compare the price of the product by different sellers on the same website. Most of the time, they recommend you the seller selling the product for the lowest price.
  • Compare the price of the product in different e-commerce sites selling that product. For example, if you want to buy a drone, check the price of the product model in Amazon, Flipkart, and all other sites that you trust. This can help you save some good money.

3. Find Discount Coupon Codes

Do you know that you can save a lot of shopping online using discount coupon codes?

You can apply the coupon codes before checkout in most of the e-commerce site. And you can find the valid coupon codes (coupons have an expiry date and they are limited to a number of users) by a simple Google search.

And there are discount coupons for almost any product. So, start saving money spending a few minutes to find the best coupon codes.

4. Cash backs

This is similar to coupon codes. You will get a specific amount of money back for buying a product with cash back offer. You can find cash back offers with a simple Google search. Many of the coupon sites offer cash back also.

And these days, e-commerce stores are directly providing cash backs for using the credit card of a specific bank and similar offers are available.

Sometimes you may need to use a specific link or coupon code to avail the cash back.

Now, you can shop online in your comfort saving a lot of money. Be smart and save money shopping.


  1. Finding a discount coupon and comparing is my favorite way to look for the best product at the cheapest price. However, sometimes it’s annoying when I got a coupon at the last hour. It often happens with me.

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