How To Remove Facebook Friends In One Click


If you don’t know about that how to use this, don’t worry today we are sharing with you a best method for remove or unfriend your all or multiple Facebook friends using one a click, On our Facebook fan page we get many sms for this, But there are no working method for this after many search and test we get this working method for you, using this you can delete your Facebook friends one by one and all also so,
Facebook is provide to everyone for add 5000 fiends in there friends list, We was also share many tutorial for how to add five thousand friends in there friend list, When people are newbie and they was don’t know more about this social site when they are add friends continue but after friends limit exceed than its remove so boring.

How To Remove Facebook Friends In One Click
How To Remove Facebook Friends In One Click

Why individuals wanna unfriend products Facebook companions

After include numerous or five thousand individuals or companions, Now individuals wanna evacuate that, Because Facebook is changing there strategy for use and terms, Now numerous time on the off chance that we change our client name Facebook need to check your record by photograph label confirmation, If you have five thousand companions then you can’t distinguish what companion have this photo, And now individuals wanna safe, so they attempt to include just known people groups in there record. May be some are purpose behind this, Its lone our small considering, But there are numerous explanation behind this,

How can I Remove Delete My Facebook Friends in one Click

When we impart was offer to our fans How to include 5000 companions in a week, Then individuals are asking to me that is it conceivable to expel different Facebook companions from my companions list in a single tick ? We are likewise getting messages and MSG on our page for this, So we chose to share working instructional exercise for this, I was test numerous technique for this in any case we don’t get and working traps for this, But at long last we are get examine component trap utilizing this you can do this.

How To Delete remove Facebook Friends in One click

Lets get to the heart of the matter, If are you seek on net you will see numerous scripts and codes for evacuate or erase different Facebook companions utilizing a single tick yet after test you will see for the most part are not working, We are offering to you working scripts or strategy for this simply utilize its and appreciate 21014 traps.

  1. First you Must Open you Google Chrome Browser.
  2. You can use it in Firefox also but Chrome is better.
  3. Now install tempermonkey in your Google Chrome
  4. Now simple install this user script in tempermonkey
  5. Now simply restart your Google chrome browser.
  6. Now Login in your Facebook account open profile,
  7. Now click on friends in click on scrip,
  8. Just select all friends for remove it.
    Remove Facebook Friends In One Click
    Remove Facebook Friends In One Click
  9. You can delete also some friends.
  10. After select you can do it easily.

For Mozilla Firefox

  • If are you using Mozilla Firefox then Install Greasemonkey .
  • Now use same above method.

Final Words  Delete remove Facebook Friends in One click

Freinds before use utilize this strategy i wanna say you that these traps are not official, implies these are not sharing by Facebook, So we are not dependable about this technique that its safe or not, So on the off chance that you wanna utilize this, than use it yourself since we are not suggested this codes and strategy use it your self, Thanks for visit our web journal and keep it for additional.