List of Top Sites to Receive SMS Online without a mobile


SMS validation has become really popular on many websites for identity validation. Before that, it was really simple to bypass that validation mechanism since the validation was done by sending an email, and since anyone can create a fake email easily… Well, that was the good time. Now, it became harder to bypass this identity validation because of the SMS validation.

Why bypass SMS validation?

We (for most of us) only have one cellphone. So let say you want to have two accounts on the same website, but your phone number has already been validated with another account, or even simpler, let say that you don’t own a cellphone. What can you do? Well folks, you buy a cellphone. Easy peacy. End of question.
Haha just kidding guys

How to bypass SMS validation

Here’s a list of “receive SMS online websites” that you can use for this purpose. The list is in no particular order. I haven’t personally tested all of those websites, but I have tested a few and it worked well for me.

Which one do you prefer, or which one has (or has not) worked for you? Let me know in the comments and maybe later I will order this list by your preferences. Also, I’ll try to keep that list updated as much as I can. If you think I missed a website, let me know and I will add it!

Receive SMS online websites list

That’s it our list of  Top Sites to Receive SMS Online without a mobile. We would like to hear your favorite sites to receive SMS online so that we can add them up in our list.


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