MeritRoad – Refer And Earn Rs 10 Per Referral [Bank Transfer Available]

MeritRoad – Refer And Earn Rs 10 Per Referral [Bank Transfer Available]

Steps To Refer And Earn Rs.10 Per Refer:-

2) On Profile page, copy your refer code and share it with your friends
3) As soon as your friend register on Merit Road with your Refer code, You will Get Rs.10 Per refer

Steps To Redeem You Rewards points:-

2) Tap on Bank Account Tab
3) Enter your Bank details
4) As soon you have earned Rs.100 or 100 Reward Point
5) Tap on Redeem Reward points on Home Tab

Terms & Conditions of REWARD POINTS:

  1. Note that 1 REWARD POINT = INR 1
  2. You will earn 10 REWARD POINTS, for every new () user referred by you.
  3. REWARD POINTS will be eligible for REDEMPTION, once your referred friend validates both EMAIL-ID and MOBILE number
  4. Reward Points can be redeemed from page ‘My Rewards’, by clicking button ‘Redeem Reward Points’ when both below conditions (a & b) are met:
    1. Total REWARD POINTS should be at least 100.
    2. You have provided your Bank Account details where redemption money can be transferred.
  5. You can refer as many friends as possible – and hence earn 10 REWARD POINTS on every referral
  6. Your referred friends can further refer their own friends, and hence earn REWARD POINTS as per above rules
  7. Reward Redemption Money will be directly transferred in your bank account. Processing time is generally 4-6 working days.

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