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Lucky Stars - Win Free Gifts

LuckyStars App

Lucky Stars App Refer & Earn – Hello Readers!! Hope You are Enjoying Our Free Recharge & Free Recharge Tricks With Free Paytm Cash Tricks, We have recently Posted Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps Like – Bulb Smash Game , Slide App , Liveincome Etc. Here is Another App Giving Free BMS Voucher  & Free Amazon Vouchers

Lucky Stars App

Lucky Stars is a mobile app for iOS and Android, where registered users can Win Free Gifts by participating in Lucky Draws held periodically. A free to download app, users can participate in lucky draws for free and without having to purchase any product or service.

LuckyStars is a free to download mobile app through which you can win gifts for free by participating in lucky draws, without having to pay anything or buy any products or services.

On Signup = 150 Points

Per Refer = 50 Points

Note:- App Seems fake for us, coz they didn’t sent any vouchers to us.

Steps To Get Into Lucky Stars app:-

1. Download Latest Version of Lucky Stars Apps Click Here
2. Enter your mobile Number
3. Enter your name, email
4. Enter Refer Code as  : AIZVQO1A
5. Extra Earn completed your profile
6. Now simply head over to refer and earn section of Lucky Stars app
7. Share your refer code with anyone
8. As soon as you have claimed or completed 1000 points.
9. You can redeemed 1000 points via free bms voucher.

Steps To Earn More Lucky Stars Points

+Do Survey And Earn 150 Star
+Watch Ads And Earn 50 Star
+ Fill Profile And Earn 50 Star
+ Play Lucky Draw Contest And Win Different Big Prizes.
Extra Point Earn 200 Using This Referral Code AIZVQO1A and get Free Point Rs 200 Just mention this referral code AIZVQO1A when registering for the app

To qualify entry in a draw, users must answer a simple question correctly. A maximum of 3 questions will be provided, if the user gets the answer to the first question wrong.

Winners will be notified in-app and through the registered email and will need to claim their gift won within 48 hours from winner declaration, by providing their postal address for the courier.



LuckyStars users can win gifts for free by participating in lucky draws held periodically. To qualify entry into a draw, a user must correctly answer a question or two, or play a simple game to rank on the leaderboard, or view an advertisement or film and answer the questions posed. Learn More 


As the name suggests, Deals is all about getting the best deals on branded products that you won’t ordinarily get elsewhere. As a LuckyStars app user, you have the privilege of accessing all the deals on display and purchase products through the secure payment gateway or through an exchange of Stars wherever permitted.Learn More 


tars is the Loyalty Rewards Program of LuckyStars, through which you can earn Stars, each time you perform any of the following tasks:

1. Participation in Draws
Every time you successfully participate in a draw, you earn Stars. So, play the draws regularly to keep earning.

2. View Ads
All you have to do is view the ads in the specified section, to get rewarded with Stars. Simple isn’t it?

3. Participate in Surveys
Another easy way to boost your Stars earnings, is to take part in Surveys. Just answer the questions outlined and you’re done!

4. Refer & Earn
Whenever you refer someone to download and install the LuckyStars app, you become eligible to earn Stars. The more you refer, the more you earn!


Due to the overwhelming response to the new version of the app, the Transfer of Stars feature will temporarily be unavailable. We will notify you as soon as the Transfer feature is reinstated.


The Stars you earn can be redeemed for Gift Vouchers and other Products, as and when offered. To redeem, simply visit your dashboard for Stars and follow the process outlined therein.

When Stars are redeemed, the LuckyStars Due Diligence process will be followed to verify the identity of the user and authenticate the transaction data, after which the gift voucher/product will be delivered within 30 working days, either to the verified Email ID or the address of the user, as the case may be.



1. Can I download the LuckyStars App on my desktop computer?
No. Currently, this app has been designed only for mobile smartphones.

2. How do I download the App? Is it free?
The LuckyStars App is available for free download, for both the iOS and Android platforms.

3. To participate in a lucky draw, do I have to pay any money?
No. Participation is absolutely free for all the lucky draws on LuckyStars, provided you are a registered user.

4. Can I have multiple entries in a single lucky draw?
No, only one entry is permitted for each lucky draw.

5. How do I get to know about upcoming lucky draws?
You will receive advance notifications about each upcoming lucky draw, through the app notifications.

6. When a lucky draw is opened or is closing, will I get an intimation?
Yes, you will receive an intimation each time a lucky draw is opened or is closing.

7. How do I actually participate in a lucky draw?
To participate in a lucky draw, just open the app on your smartphone, see the on-going lucky draw tiles, press Go Lucky to enter each draw, answer the simple question/s or watch an ad/take a survey/play a game and follow the instructions thereafter.

8. How can I be sure that my entry into a lucky draw has happened?
On entering a lucky draw, you will get a pop-up notification confirming your entry.

9. If I’m a winner, how will I know?
Every winner will be intimated through a notification on the app, as well as through an email registered with us.

10. How do I claim my gift, if I’ve won?
If you’re a winner, you will be required to share your mailing address with us and your gift will be couriered to your doorstep, provided you live in a Pin Code area covered by our courier partners. If not, you may have to pick it up from the nearest courier delivery point to your home. Alternatively, you will be requested to pick up your gift from the LuckyStars Mobile Van, at a point close to your residence.

11. Do I have to pay any courier charges if the gift is couriered to me?
No, you don’t have to pay any courier charges for delivery of the gift you won.

12. What about the product warranty of the gift I have won?
We at LuckyStars do not take any responsibility for the product warranty. You will have to claim the same from the service centres of the Brands.

13. How are the winners selected, once a draw closes?
The process to select a winner is transparent and without any human intervention. Once a draw closes, then from among the participants who have successfully entered the draw, the computer software randomly selects the winner/s.

14. Do I earn Stars each time I participate in a draw?
Yes, currently, you earn Stars each time you successfully participate in a draw.

15. How many Stars do I earn on participation in a draw?
The number of Stars you can earn varies with the type of draw or gift to be won.


1. How do I Earn Stars on the LuckyStars app?
There are various ways to earn Stars:

  1. Click Menu at left corner or star icon on right corner – Go to MyStars – Earn Stars
  2. Tile – Go Earn
  3. Draw Participation – Earn Stars
  4. Take Survey – Earn Stars
  5. View Ad – Earn Stars
  6. Refer & Earn Stars

2. Do the Stars earned by me, lapse after a certain time period?
No, the Stars you have earned don’t lapse.

3. How do I redeem the Stars earned?
You may redeem the Stars earned by purchasing products under Deals or exchanging them for Gift vouchers. To Redeem Stars:
a) Click Menu at left corner or star icon on right corner – Go to MyStars – Redeem Stars.
b) Tile – Go Redeem
When Stars are redeemed, the LuckyStars Due Diligence process will be followed to verify the identity of the user and authenticate the transaction data, after which the gift voucher/product will be delivered within 30 working days, either to the verified Email ID or the address of the user, as the case may be.

4. What is the redemption value of 1 Star?
There is no fixed Rupee value for a Star. LuckyStars will specify the number of Stars required to be redeemed, to qualify for a product purchase or exchange for a Gift voucher.

5. How do I keep track of my Stars balance?
A record of the Stars earned and redeemed is maintained and updated on a continuous basis. You can check your Stars History to see how you have earned and redeemed them on a daily basis.

6. If I change my mobile phone number, can I transfer the Stars balance to the new number?
No. Stars cannot be transferred since they are associated with the mobile number.

7. If I change my mobile phone but have the same number – what happens to my Stars?
Just install the LuckyStars app from your store on your new device and login with your registered mobile number (should be the same as when registered originally)

8. Can I transfer Stars to my friends, family and relatives?
Currently, the Transfer feature is unavailable.

9. Can I request for a Stars Transfer from someone on the app?
Currently the Transfer feature in unavailable

10.Can my Stars balance be converted to rupee value and given to me?
No, at the moment, the Stars balance cannot be converted to rupee value and can only be redeemed.

12. What if I delete the LuckyStars app by mistake? Do I lose the Stars I have earned?
No, you will not lose your Stars. But, you will need to re-install the LuckyStars app from your store and login, with your registered mobile number (should be the same as when registered originally)


1. Can I purchase products on Deals, without being on the LuckyStars app?
No, you must be a registered user of LuckyStars to purchase products on Deals.

2. What are the payment options available?
You can make payment through Paytm or credit card or debit card.

3. Can I redeem the Stars earned, for products on Deals?
Yes, wherever specified, you can redeem Stars for products on Deals.

4. What happens if I do not have a sufficient balance of Stars to make payment?
You must make payment in full for a product purchased, either through Redemption of Stars or through Paytm/Credit/Debit card, but not a combination of both.

5. If I’m not happy with the product I purchased, can I return or exchange it for something else?
No, products once purchased cannot be returned or exchanged.

6. Can I cancel the order I paid for?
Yes, you may cancel a confirmed order you paid for, provided the same has not yet been shipped or delivered or emailed to you.

7. How do I get a refund for the order cancelled?
The refund will be directly credited to your account. In the case of Stars redeemed for the purchase, these will be added back and will reflect in the Stars History section.

8. Do I have to pay for the courier charges for delivery of the product bought?
Ordinarily, you do not have to pay for the courier charges. However, for certain categories of products such as 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers, bulky products, etc, you may be charged a delivery fee which will be intimated to you, prior to dispatch.

9. How do I know when the product will reach me?
In the email confirming your order, you will be provided details of the courier and the Tracking Number, which you may utilize to follow up on.In case you reside in an area which is not serviced by our courier, then you will need to pick the product from the courier office at your cost.

10. Does LuckyStars guarantee the quality / performance of the products on Deals?
No, LuckyStars is not responsible for the quality or performance of the products. If you do face any quality or performance issue, you will need to take it up with the brand and/or company that makes or markets it.


Lucky Stars App is newly launched app and looks legit as per their review. We have redeemed amazon voucher, once we received voucher, proof will be share here on dwtricks.

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