Kelloggs – Give A Miss Call and Feed A Deprived Child

Kelloggs – Give A Miss Call and Feed A Deprived Child

Hello looters, we are all human. However we all have to be so greedy and selfish now-a-days. But still its time to show we have people from us. Kelloggs India arrived with a pledge to provide free breakfast most depriving children titled #FeedingDreams. Just give spare time to give missed call to 09227492274 and participate in this great Social thereof


Kellooggs – Give A Miss Call and Feed A Deprived Child


So You Guys Have Multiple Mobile Numbers. Isn’t It ??

Let’s Use It For Good Cause.

  • Give a call to 09227492274 and it will disconnect automatically
  • Within 5 minutes you will get a confirmation message
  • That’s it ! You have successfully gifted a breakfast to a school child on your behalf.


  • One pledge per mobile number accepted for gifting of one breakfast.
  • Missed calls not chargeable.
  • Subject to pledges received, Kellogg’s will gift one breakfast to a child in school on your behalf,
  • Kellogg’s will gift upto a million breakfasts in 2015-2016.
  • Pledges must be made on or before 31 Dec, 2015. No purchase of Kellogg India products necessary for taking the pledge. Kellogg India reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue the campaign at its discretion.


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