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How to use Google webmaster tools to get traffic

Use of Google webmaster tools effectively is a must tool to be used by every blogger or site manager. And the good thing is this is free. You can add any number of sites under one account of google webmaster tools but its recommended to add only 4 to 6 accounts per account of the Google webmasters. When you have successfully verified your website for google webmasters then you shall receive a message in your inbox of Webmaster tools.

How to use Google webmaster tools effectively
1) Add all versions of your site and verify them with the same process you had verified the main site. Do not worry you can work on any of the one version but adding them insure the articles shall be shown in the search results with the most relevant way.
2)Select Preferred version :- This option do exist in google webmasters and its highly recommended to use the option with / there is a reason for this. If a visitor sees the URL with www then it shall be a better impression and the probability that he shall click on the link from there increases .
3) Select Target Country :- Useful option if you are using the webmaster tools to promote a local business website and highly not recommended to use when you are preparing to own a blog. For example :- If you are working for website of local business in United states then choose your preferred country as Target country .
4) Share access with co workers :- This option is used when you are willing to add other persons to give access for webmaster tools of your website. You can also add restricted access for some of the co workers as they couldn’t take any wrong action regarding your website.
5) Submit a Sitemap file :- Sitemap is a file which gives detailed instructions to the google about your site and urls.

For blogger :-

For blogger you can simply add the given urls and your blog’s sitemap shall be automatically submitted with google.
For each of the 500 posts you can add one sitemap. For example if you have 500 posts use only first sitemap and if you have 500-1000 posts then add one and two separately

For WordPress

You can install SEO by Yoast, this plugin is available for free. And it shall increase your SEO.
You can find your website sitemap at
Add a URL quickly on Google Index
On the left panel click on crawl and then click on robots.txt tester. Its important that your robots.txt doesn’t disallow google. If this exists in your sitemap immediately change and allow google then test the URL with robots.txt tester.
Then click on Fetch as Google option and after fetching the URL click on Fetch and render
Important :-  If your website URL is
then only add it as tricks/ways-to-download-and-save-youtube-videos/ because the main URL is already entered by google. And if you don’t take the precautions then your URL may be redirected as spam and redirected.
Then you should click on Submit to Index. After clicking on submit to index your URL shall be indexed in Google in about 100 minutes or 2 hours. You can do the same any times you want to do.
The next thing you have to do is to add custom search engine by google which shall increase traffic by google.

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