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Get Free Aircel Sim With 1GB Internet Data Per Month For 3 Months

Aircel Has Come Up With An Amazing Offer Where You Can Get Free Aircel Sim With 1GB Data Per Month For 3 Months. To Avail This Amazing Offer You Have To Just Fill The Form With Simple Details Like State,Contact Number. ,Locations Etc.aircel free sim

How To Get Free Aircel Sim With 1GB Internet Data:

  1. Visit At Aircel
  2. Fill The Form
  3. They Will Send You An OTP To Your Given Number
  4. Fill The OTP which recieved on your phone
  5. Click Submit now

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Aircel will in no event be liable If the SUK does not reach you due to incorrect and/or incomplete address provided by You.
  2. In case you use the Website for taking a new Aircel connection,You shall be responsible to (i) read,fill and execute the Customer Application Form so provided in the Start User Kit (SUK),(ii) to provide a valid Identity and address proof and comply with all applicable rules. Aircel will not be responsible or assume any liability,whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly due to such transaction made by you or in case you are not able to use the Aircel connection due to breach of any applicable law or in case you are not duly verified.
  3. Aircel shall also not be responsible or liable,in the event,the information received by us is incomplete and because of which you have failed to provide necessary documents as per applicable law/regulation because of which your connection is not activated or deactivated due to action so required by the law enforcement agency or government of India directions.
  4. You shall be bound by the term of the Customer Application Form once you execute the same.
  5. I would like Aircel and Aircel partners to contact me on my number even if it is registered under NDNC in relation to the documentation pertaining to this connection only.


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