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How to Generate Jio Barcode Unlimitedly Using Android Mobile (Rooted Mobile)

Jio sim topic is spreading as a fire in India. Most of them got Jio sim for their own. but some of them still don’t know how to get jio sim and how to generate Jio barcodes. If they got barcode it will be redeemed before they got jio sim. Its the problem here. Lemme tell you how to get jio sim Barcodes unlimited for your own.

How to Generate Jio Barcode:

Step 1:

  1. First you need Rooted mobile with Installed Xposed Modules
  2. Install Xprivacy App
  3. Now open XPrivacy app and Set Random details for My Jio app
  4. Now Clear data for My Jio app and Restart Mobile
  5. After Restart open My Jio app
  6. Select your State and City
  7. Then Give your name and mobile number
  8. Verify via OTP method
  9. Now you will get Jio Barcode.
  10. If the code is shown Redeemed then again do from Step 3 and change values
  11. You can get unlimited Barcode by changing values and Generating Jio Barcode

Step 3:

  1. You need Rooted mobile with Installed Xposed Module
  2. Then Install XPosed IMEI changer App
  3. Open IMEI changer app and Randomise all values
  4. Restart mobile and Open My Jio app
  5. Select City and Select State
  6. Enter your name and mobile number
  7. Verify your mobile number Via OTP
  8. If the code redeemed then again do the steps from the point 3

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