5 Easy Way To Earn Huge Money Online


Now a days all student want to do part-time job and earn handsome money they don’t like to ask for money to their parents so today I give you some tips by which you can earn lots on money and it just need your hard work,your contribution that’s it so lets start


Top 5 Way To Earn Money


My favorite online work, actually in such sites like fiverr and freelancer , users from different countries give you some task to do and they give money for that and minimum money for any task is 5$ so i think it is more than enough.My one friend sachin nayi earns 100$ per week though fiverr.


This is the best way for person who has creativity .
Whenever you play a YouTube video, advertisement appears. Then after clicking ‘skip ads’, you can continue to see the actual video. This is how original video poster earns money! When audience views an ad, video maker gets some commission from google. This program is popularly known as ‘adsense YouTube monetisation’.


This is the best for who has his own website and have sufficient traffic in website you can earn 4000-5000 per day as per your website traffic and seo.If your are beginner and have no website and so on so for you freelancer is best

#PTC website ( pay to click )

This is cool work for housewives websites lile neobux ( genuine site ) , probuX, go signups gives money only for click on advertisement by this way you can not make handsome money but at least you can spare your time with earning little money.


My 1st step was paytm actually i know every people have mobile and they need balance , internet schema and they have to go to shop for recharge so i started to do recharge from paytm, you know guys this is the easiest way to earn 400-500 rs if you have big friend circle just tell them that you are doing recharges for all operator and whenever they call you for recharge then checkout the promo codes for paytm through google and do their recharge with promo code so atleast you can earn 10-15 rs per 100 recharge . some time paytm and mobikwik give 100% cash back so its big deal and starting stem for bigger


    • Thank you so much bro now listen carefully
      1) add money in your paytm account like 1000,2000 etc
      2) tell your friend that you are doing recharges for DTH and all prepaid,postpaid
      3) when they call you for recharg do the recharge via paytm with promocode.
      4) you can find paytm promocode from anywhere
      See paytm updates is promocode every day they give around 10/20% cashback on postpaid and dth and 10% approx on prepaid recharges so doing recharg of 1000 is so easy task and you can earn 10-15% in short 100-200 rs per 1000 investment
      Basic need is tell your more and more friend to do all recharges with you
      Bro u cant believe that i'm making 5000-6000 per month just by recharging

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