Dream11 Trick – Rs. 250 On Signup + Rs. 250 Per Refer


Dream11 whose ads are being regularly displayed on social platforms like facebook. We found that this program is completely a genuine one and 100% safe to play and therefore we decided to make a detailed post on it to make you people aware. Dream11.com is the world’s largest Fantasy Cricket Game with an exponentially growing user base of 1 million+ users. The latest additions of Fantasy Football (Soccer) and Fantasy Rugby to our platform accelerates our mission to Make Every Game Exciting for sports fans globally. Mobile-first VC-funded startup in the sports, gaming and e-commerce sector.


Steps To Join Fantasy Cricket League & Get Rs.250 Sign Up Bonus :-

  1. Firstly Download Dream11 Fantasy Cricket League from – Click Here 
  2. Enter all details and register your account with refer code: VEERU967AB  (Important to get Rs.250 free)
  3. Now click on any Match as per your choice.
  4. Now you need to select your Playing XI Team. Y
  5. Choose Captain & Vice Captain then click on Save Team.
  6. After successful registration, you need to verify your Mobile Number, Email to get Rs.250 Joining Bonus.
  7. Verify Mobile Number & Get 25 Points, Verify Email Address & Get 25 Points, + Get 200 points.
  8. Now daily create more teams using your Sign Up bonus cash
  9. Redeem your earnings directly in Bank Account.

How to refer & earn from Dream11 :-

Taking part in Fantasy League requires money but you can get that for free by referring your buddies. Yes, you get Rs 250 for each friend who joins through you and verifies his account. You can use this Rs 250 to take part in league and win real cash and redeem in bank account.

1) Click on “Refer a Friend” button present in top menu

2) Here you will see your referral link

3) Now once your friend joins through your referral link, both he and you will get Rs 250 in your dream11 account after verification of mobile number and bank details.

4) You can earn unlimited Cash Balance like this.

5) The cash balance can only be used to join paid leagues on Dream11.com. But the winnings from these leagues can be withdrawn as cash into bank account after 90 days of earning it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions –

What type of Leagues can I participate in ?

We’re spreading the field wide on Dream11.com where you can join a host of Leagues like 2 members, 3 members, 5 members and 10 members Leagues (depending on the number of competitors in a league) as well as Special & Grand Leagues. You can join paid Leagues to win Cash and / or the free-to-play Skill Leagues to hone your Fantasy Cricket skills till you are confident with your selection skills to enter the Paid Leagues to win Cash.
How do I score points ?

You will score points depending on how the cricketers in your Dream11.com Team perform in the live match(es). So make sure you pick a winning combination to help you win cash. Please check our ‘Points System’ in the ‘How to Play’ section to understand the details
What are Paid & Skill Leagues ?

Paid Leagues are where users participate by paying an entry fee and compete against each other to win Cash! The prize money will be awarded to the user who has the highest Fantasy Cricket Points in the League..

How is the prize money distributed in case of multiple winners ?

The prize money that each winner will receive is explained in detail on clicking the ‘Multiple Winners’ (M) link for that League. Please note that taxes will be deducted as applicable on winnings above Rs.10,000 as per government regulations.
How do you decide the winner of a league ?

The Fantasy Cricket Team which gets the highest points at the end of the round will be announced as the winner of that league.
How will I be informed if I win a Cash prize ?

Ranking and points will be updated and displayed during and at the end of every match. If you win any Paid League, the Cash will be credited automatically into your Dream11.com account.
How do I check my Dream11.com account balance ?

The balance in your Dream11.com account will be displayed on the top of your screen at all times. You can also click on the wallet symbol on top of the page for a break-up of your account balance and your most recent transactions on Dream11.com.
How do I withdraw money from my Dream11.com account balance ?

You can withdraw money only from the Winnings Account in your Dream11.com account balance once your account is verified. This verification is a one-time process which never needs to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account. Once your Dream11.com account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (min. of Rs.200 and max. of Rs.2,00,000 at a time) and it will be deposited into your bank account within 5 working days.


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