How To Customize or Change Folder Icons In Windows


How To Customize or Change Folder Icons In Windows

This post explains ‘how to change folder icon In Windows permanently ‘. The folder icon should be in .ICO format, only then it suits as a Folder icon. First choose one image from the internet, whatever the format is, and just save it to your local disk.

Step 1: Download the image file from internet and convert it into .ico format.

Next step is to go to the browser and type ‘convert the image to .icon’ on Google. Find the link [], click on it, Browse the image file that you saved to your local disk and open it to the site through the button ‘Choose file’. Since the link is for converting to ‘.ICO’ format directly, you don’t need to choose the format.Folder Icons

Step 2: Change the Folder icon (How To Change Folder ICON In Windows

Folder Icons
How to Change Folder ICON step2

>Next, go to the properties of the file that you wanted to change the icon, click on customize tab, click on change icon browse the .ico format icon and open it, next click Apply and ok.

>The folder icon will be changed like this in simple easy steps. This process is the same for windows 7 and windows XP as well. It is the simple process that everyone can do.

>The image you download from the internet, better to download transparent .png format so that it look fancy and recognizable. In Linux OS, you just need to go to properties of the file and click on the image of the folder, it will direct to the local system to choose another image as a folder icon.

Some people want their OS to look fancy, neat and clean. Categorize the files and keep the files in the hierarchy so that the next time you want them, you shouldn’t be thinking of where you kept them. This is the process of ‘How To Change Folder ICON In Windows’.

It is good to keep the files in categorizing so that you will find them easily. If you have many folders inside one folder and you use it very often, well you can change the icon of that folder just to recognize that particular folder among several folders.