Beware of online fraud[Must Read]

Nowadays we are seeing many spam and phishing attempts on the web.Do you believe that you’re safe from online fraud because the scams are too obvious? Don’t be so sure! Think twice and stay aware: cyber-criminals are constantly refining their methods.

Never click on a link that you’re not sure of, and never give personal information by email. A little well-placed doubt will save you a world of trouble. Here are some situations where your personal intuitive suspicion should set off alarm bells.Spammers try to give you exciting Offers like Double your Paytm money, Get free recharges, make money etc. we would strongly recommend you to not respond with to these spammers.

What is phishing

Phishing is the type of hacking in which spammers make a website and give you fraud Offers like free money, double your money etc. They will make a website and you will be asked to enter your detail like email password etc. Be beware of them and please do not respond to them ever.The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online.

Phishing is illegal and spammers can also be penalized but at first we need to aware of this.

How to detect Phishing or other Scams

  • Whenever you are giving your sensitive or important details like credit card details or password. Be assure to see https:// on the start of the link. If that’s not there please do not enter your details.Paytm Fraud
  • All Banking sites and websites who needs your important details use this feature. Somehow there are a lot of websites which are not aware of this feature or does not require this feature but never enter your details where https://  logo is like this of red color and have a strike-through in it.
  • We are adding some of the phishing sites screenshots which would help to detect these phishing.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fraud Paytm
  • Now when you Open any of those links you will be prompted to enter your information like.
  • You guys know that PARTY100 is not working nowadays and the guy who want to steal your money is trying to attract you for this and he had written minimum Rs 100 in your wallet and also asked you for your paytm password and account number ,clearly he want to steal your money a well as identity. You must not ever give your details to any spammer.Fraud
  • Please do not respond to any of these.
  • If any offer is ever get live we always try to get verify it and then we present that to our users.
  • there can be more ways of stealing your identity like phishing some can also ask you to send money from your wallet to particular email or no. like fakeicici@banksforum41.com and promise to give you double money as a promotion be aware as no bank or wallet service ever contact you like this these would be spammers only Please do not respond to them ever.
  • Hope this will help you detect spammers at least on social pages however we will also post other ways of detecting these spam. Stay tuned for more if you find any of these activities on our websites please contact Us ,we would take necessary steps to prevent that.

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