6 Tricks And Tip To Boost Up Your Android Performance


We All Use Android Device Throughout The Day ,and Why Not we Don’t Its Fun And Interesting , But Today The Only Problem We All Suffering Are Slow Down of your android device day after day, so today i am going to share you 10 tips to increase your android performance ..

Tips to Boost

1) Update Your Buddy :-First And The Most Important Thing Is To Regularly Update Your Device It’s Not Only Increase Your Performance And Also Give You Security Patches for your Android Buddy.

2) Remove Unwanted Apps From Your Device :- Did You Know ?? Every Single app You Install On Your Device Take Background process And As Well as Ram ,Also Occupy Some Memory , So Make Sure You Have Install Usefull App only , as unwanted app make your phone dump.

3) Don’t Use Live Wallpaper & Useless Widget :- If You Are Using Live Wallpaper Then Should Know That Its Using Your Ram And As well as drain Your Battery , So It’s Highly Recommended From Me that Don’t Use Live Wallpaper And Useless Widget

4) Turn off Animations :-What animations? Well, if you haven’t noticed, your phone screen actually fades out and in as you switch from one task to the other. To see this in action Go toSettings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. Then choose Window Animation Scale again to see the fade in effect in ‘slow-mo’.

When you choose Animation off, the screen just snaps to position without animation. You can also turn off Transition Animation Scale in the same way. If you are a heavy user, you’d probably notice that your Android performs faster with all animations off.

5) Root Your Android Phone :- Maybe you all well-known about rooting of android , Rooting of Android mean Having Full access to phone, its mean you can uninstall unwanted ,Pre-install apps from your device , than you can manage your device more better , Rooting can also Increase Battery Life of Your  android buddy. But There Is Some Disadvantages of Rooting , like it avoid your phone warranty And Little More Which You Google ,

6) Flash Custom Rom :- Cyanogenmod was The best And Popular Custom Rom out there , if you have rooted device then it’s your chance to boost your device performance by installing custom rom  ,


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Enjoy 🙂

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